Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Big J

Faith to me has always been very personnel. When I DID go to church on a regular basis it wasn't to form some sort of fellowship with those in the church, I was going for my own benefit. Okay, ya got me,...I went because my mother MADE me go..happy now?

I know enough about my faith to satisfy my needs which makes me what I would consider your run of the mill Catholic. So when the time came to explain God and Jesus to my 4 year old it was a struggle. She's starting pre-school soon and it's at a Catholic school and there's a very strong chance she'll wind up in a situation where she'll have to play a part in the "kneel down, stand up" dance I call the "Celestial Hokey-Pokey" that is my faith. So I decide now with about a month to go is as good as time as any.

My wife and I decide that we need to get her acclimated to going to church so we take her and I decide to lay a few nuggets of info that I have on her.
"See that Honey? That's Jesus".
"Is he on the cross".
"Well no, he's just got his arms outstreteched dear".
"Is he flying?"
"No sweetie, he's the savior, he's not Superman......or IS he".

So then the questions start.........and they are doozies.

"Why did they put him on the cross?"
"Well, honey...they were bad people:.
"Why where they bad?"
"Well,...they just were, now pay attention".
"Why he die for our sins dada"
"Okay look....that's all I know, happy? I'm a bad Catholic....okay!"

Of couse I didn't yell at my daughter in church. We did like all good Catholic parents did. We waited till we got to the car. Amen.