Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 Wishes

I've been to Kennywood quite a few times and at least once a year with my daughter Meghan. In all those years I never knew that Kennywood had a wishing well.

So on our way out, Meghan decided she wanted to make a wish or two so I gave her a few pennies.

As she tossed the first one in she broke her promise to keep the wish secret. She said "I wished my Mommy would be with me always". Awe, how nice.

So, she has a penny left and I'm waiting for me to get the same wish. So she tosses it in and I say "Meghan, what did you wish for?".

She turns to me and says "A unicorn!".

WHAT?!?!? No no no....I gave her more change. I could just feel the Karma coming down on me. No no, she HAS to wish the same for me.

"Come on Meggie....wish the same for Daddy too". She took the dime (I upped it from a penny) and tosssed it into the well and said "I wish my Daddy.....". "Yeah yeah....go on". "I wish my Daddy had a unicorn!".

Next time she wants a toy, I'm telling her to ask her unicorn.

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