Thursday, June 16, 2011

Need new glasses

Took my little girl to one of the TWO FRIGGIN REHEARSALS for her recital yesterday morning and as she's leaving the stage she's handed a sheet that shows the classes for the upcoming year.

Looking over it I read "Jazz dancing....tap....ballet....Zumba....guitar lessons....wait,...Adult Marital Arts??? WHAT THE......!!!"

Are they insane? Marital Arts>??? Really! When the kids leave is that just a big giant brothel in there? So I underline it and write "WTF!!!!" next to it and leave it for my wife to get a laugh. Now i'm SURE I don't want us going to this place again.

Later that night she's looking at it and i'm SHOCKED she's not as blown away as I am. I'm like "LOOK!! Marital arts!! What the fuck is that???"

She proceeds to roll with laughter and nearly falls off her chair. For the class I read as "Marital Arts" was indeed.....i'm sure you know by now....."Martial Arts".

As Gilda Radner's character Emily Latella would have said "Oh....never mind".

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